Window Pouring Buck

The specially designed pouring buck forms a 7/8" offset in the wall opening. The offset, combined with the window flange, creates a positive seal against water infiltration. Both the single and double glazed window will fit into the same opening. This enables the home builder to determine the style of window right up to the time of closing the home.

Window Pouring Buck Extension

The Buck Extension comes in 1” and 2” widths. It attaches to a standard 8” pouring buck allowing you to pour 9” or 10” thick walls without having to invest in additional window pouring bucks.

Window Buck Hold-up

The window buck hold-up hold a standard pouring buck to the top of the wall. This is perfect for the contractor that usually pours windows with concrete headers but occasionally needs to pour a window at the top of the wall.


Lintel cones hold the pouring buck a specified depth down in the wall to create a concrete header.

Window Buck Tie Guide

Tie Guides are used in those circumstances where they are needed to hold the window buck into position for the pour. They can be adjusted for optimal buck placement.

Window Buck Clamp

The Window Buck Clamp is a quick and easy way to hold window bucks or frames in place during the pour without drilling through the face sheet.

Window Buck Nail Plate

The Window Buck Nail Plate allows owners of wood forms to place the window in any location they desire. It is easily adjustable for exact placement.

Precise Plastic Plug

Window installation has never been quicker or easier! The Simply Egress Solutions Plastic Plugs are placed into holes in the pouring buck before placing the buck into the wall. After the pour, the body of the plug remains in the concrete for easy installation of either the single or double glazed vinyl basement window. The Plastic Plug eliminates the need to drill the concrete, which is a real time saver!!

Interior Trim Kit

Our Trim Kit allows you to finish the interior with ease! The Simply Egress Solutions Trim Kit allows you to finish off the interior of the window without having to use lumber. The trim snaps into the window creating a finished look with little cost or time. The kit is adjustable to fit different thickness walls.

Area Wall Anchor

The Area Wall Anchor attaches to the pouring buck before it's placed into the wall. When the buck is stripped, the aluminum anchor remains in the wall allowing the area wall to be bolted into place with standard bolts (which are included with the anchor). The Anchor allows easy placement of the area wall without drilling or nailing into the concrete, saving both time and money!! Special sizes require a minimum quantity. Using the Area Wall Anchor, the area wall can be installed in just a few minutes.

Cavity Vinyl Basement Window Accessories


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